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GrandPrix Series / 7,000-lb. Capacity / 106.5″ OA Height / 58″ Lifting Height
The GP-7LCS is a truly one-of-a-kind design. Because it fits in garages with ceilings as low as 9', it boasts the lowest columns ever found on a permanent two-post lift. It can be installed in virtually every garage on the planet and still offers an impressive 58″ rise.

Who should get the GP-7LCS?

The GrandPrix was invented to give you more versatility to work from home. Its extremely low-profile columns don't sacrifice lifting capacity: the GP-7LCS offers the full 7,000-lb. lift of the other GrandPrix models and boasts a full 58″ rise.

It's hard to overstate how different the GP-7LCS is from any other garage lift. Two-post lifts have long been standard equipment for professional service bays, but many DIY'ers have been waiting for the day a model would come along that fits in an average-size garage. To this end, compromises have come in the form of ″portable″ two-post models. But in all likelihood, these lifts lack the GrandPrix's backup safety features, the sheer ruggedness of its construction and its full lifting height. Not to mention, the GrandPrix comes with the same great industry-best warranty as other BendPak two-posts. It's also backed by a full service team to support your every need, before and after your purchase.

The incredible, game-changing upside of the GP-7LCS is that it stands at just 8' 10″. Even if it doesn't offer as much rise as high as other two-posts, its impressive 58″ is still more than what you get with low-profile, mid-rise scissor lifts. So, if you're between a scissor lift and a GrandPrix, both of which are ideal for garages with tight space and/or low ceilings, the GP-7LCS ultimately offers more lifting height.

More Information
Model Description GrandPrix Series / 7,000-lb. Capacity / 106.5″ OA Height / 58″ Lifting Height
  • 7,000-lb lifting capacity
  • Telescoping Low-Pro™ arms for sports cars
  • Bi-metric asymmetric & symmetric arm configuration
  • Lowered arm tube supports
  • Automatic arm restraints
  • Single release-point operation
  • Taller lift carriages
  • Automatic safety locks
  • Single hidden hydraulic cylinder
  • (2) redundant safety cables
  • Multiple lock positions
Configuration Symmetric Clearfloor
Adjustable Width No
Lifting Capacity 7,000 lbs. (3,175 kg)
Rise 54" (1,372 mm)
Rise + Pad 58" (1,473 mm)
Rise + Pad + Adapter 66" (1,676 mm)
Minimum Pad Height 4.5" (114 mm)
Time to Full Rise 45 seconds
Height Overall 106.5" (2,705 mm)
Width Overall 125" (3,175 mm)
Outside Columns 119.5" (3,035 mm)
Inside Columns 110" (2,794 mm)
Drive-Thru Clearance 89.5" (2,273 mm)
Floor to Overhead Switch 96" (2,438 mm)
Front Arm Reach (MIN) 26" (660 mm)
Front Arm Reach (MAX) 42" (1,067 mm)
Rear Arm Reach (MIN) 28" (711 mm)
Rear Arm Reach (MAX) 47.5" (1,207 mm)
Max Load per Arm 1,750 lbs. (794 kg)
Floorplate Height N/A
Floorplate Width N/A
Screw Pad Adjustment N/A
Power Unit 220 VAC / 60 Hz / 1 Ph
Shipping Dimensions 148" x 24" x 30"
Noise 45 dB