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27,000-lb. Capacity / Four-Post Lift / Standard
If you need a bigger, better four-post lift that can handle a 27,000-lb., Class 7 semi-truck, you need the HDS-27. Bigger sheaves and beefier components carry on our legacy of dependability. If your shop services commercial and/or municipal vehicles, this lift is practically mandatory.

Construction, Municipal and Commercial Vehicles Welcome

This is where our car lifts really step into the next level of lifting. While the HDS-18E is an entry-level lift in the medium-duty truck category, the HDS-27 is well-suited to take your business well beyond the needs of most private drivers. This garage lift brings you into the realm of construction equipment, commercial flatbed trucks, concrete mixers, garbage trucks, buses, etc.

Every BendPak four-post lift, regardless of lift capacity, is made to exacting standards and gets the job done without undue strain or pain on the equipment. When we rate a truck lift at 27,000 lbs., that means anything at or under that weight limit is a cinch for our lifts to handle. We superbly over-engineer everything, so you can keep the “biggest and baddest” commercial and municipal vehicles up to code and ready for the next great haul.

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Model Description 27,000-lb. Capacity / Four-Post Lift / Standard
  • 27,000-lb. lifting capacity
  • CE Approved and Certified. Meets or exceeds the standards prescribed by European Standard EN 1493
  • Supersized 12" diameter cable sheaves
  • Galvanized lifting cables
  • Grease nipples
  • Single hydraulic under-runway cylinder
  • Integrated flow restrictor
  • Durable powder coat
  • Spring-loaded safety locks
  • Second lock system on constant guard
  • Fully enclosed lifting cables
  • Multiple adjustable height locking positions
  • Maintenance-free electric hydraulic power system
  • Conveniently positioned operator controls
  • 12" x 12" base plates
  • Runways feature a durable matte finish
  • Optional rolling jack available
Style Standard Length Runways
Lifting Capacity 27,000 lbs. (12,247 kg)
Minimum Runway Height 9.5" (241 mm)
Maximum Rise 61.25" (1,559 mm)
Maximum Lifting Height 68.5" (1,740 mm)
Time to Full Rise 75 seconds
Width Overall 154" (3,912 mm)
Outside Length 257" (6,528 mm)
Overall Length 297" (7,544 mm)
Height of Columns 93" (2,362 mm)
Width Between Columns 134" (3,404 mm)
Drive-Thru Clearance 109" (2,769 mm)
Runway Width 22" (559 mm)
Length of Runways 263" (6,680 mm)
Width Between Runways 40" (1,016 mm) or 45.25" (1,151 mm)
Runway Centerline 67.25" (1,708 mm) or 72.5" (1,842 mm)
Outside Edge of Runways 89.25" (2,266 mm) or 94.5" (2,400 mm)
Rated Capacity 185" (4,699 mm)
75% Capacity 160" (4,064 mm)
50% Capacity 135" (3,429 mm)
25% Capacity 110" (2,794 mm)
Locking Positions 13
Lock Spacing Every 4" / 100 mm
Power Unit 220 VAC / 60 Hz / 1 Ph
Shipping Dimensions 265" x 27" x 49"
Noise 45 dB