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Steel Lift Pads

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Steel Lift Pad Assembly / 35 mm or 60 mm Adapter Pin
Fits all two-post lifts except models in GP-7 series. Designed for high-volume shops that are constantly loading / unloading vehicles, this pack of lift pads is perfect for your BendPak two-post lift.

Steel Lift Pads with Adapter

If your BendPak two-post lift is seeing an especially large amount of action, then you need these hardened-steel lift pads to provide you with additional stability on all vehicles. The flanged edges grip the chassis for an extra-secure hold, so you waste less energy worrying about working under heavy machinery and more time enjoying it. Includes 60 mm adapter pin. Does not fit GP-7 series.

More Information
Model Description Steel Lift Pad Assembly / 35 mm or 60 mm Adapter Pin
  • 35 mm or 60 mm Adapter Pin included
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Powder coat finish
  • Flanged edges for superior hold
  • Not compatible with GP-7 two-post lift series
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