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Steel Ramp Kit (Pair)

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Steel Approach Ramps / Pair
These optional, extended-length steel approach ramps lifts replace the standard-length steel approach ramps that are included with the purchase of an HD-7, HD-9 or HDS series four-post lift.

Low-Profile Steel Ramps

The extended steel ramp kit replaces the standard-length ramps. With a set of (2) low-profile ramps, quick-mount brackets and all the necessary hardware to make ramp make it easy to install and uninstall the ramps. These steel ramps are significantly longer than standard four-post lift approach ramps, so super-low-profile cars can more easily glide onto the runways without risk to the front-end bumper or chassis.

More Information
Model Description Steel Approach Ramps / Pair
  • Attractive design
  • 48" or 43" extended-length build
  • Low-profile
  • Sturdy
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