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12,000-lb. Capacity / Floorplate / Direct-Drive / Triple-Telescoping Arms
If you appreciate the superior quality of a BendPak XPR-9 or 10 series two-post lift but need more lifting power, the XPR-12FDL is an open-top car lift that’s packed with pure, brutish muscle. Like its clearfloor sister-lift, it offers superior Direct-Drive performance.

XPR-12FDL Offers Heavy-Duty Lifting Capability

The XPR-12FDL is the perfect lifting application for everything that falls in its weight class. Two robust posts are capable of raising some truly massive trucks and SUVs. This might be classified as our “medium-duty” lift, as it covers almost every vehicle in the homeowner/residential arena. It also lifts some commercial vans and trucks, including high-rise vehicles like Sprinters.

However, even though this car lift is made to handle massive vehicles, it belongs in every auto shop or serious DIY garage that lifts trucks, farm equipment, work vans, etc. It might be the most versatile lift you ever own, given that its low-profile arms will easily reach the lift points of low-stance race cars and sports cars (including both foreign and domestic models). The columns are set wide to fit trucks and SUVs, but the dual triple-telescoping arms reach farther than the arms on our lighter-duty lifts. With the XPR-12FDL, you’re not sacrificing the ability to service smaller vehicles as you gain the ability to service large ones.

The XPR-12FDL is an open-top design. An open-top lift does not have a crossbar over the top of the lift, which is desirable for taller vehicles. The hydraulic lines run on the floor, under a floorplate, between the posts.

More Information
Model Description 12,000-lb. Capacity / Floorplate / Direct-Drive / Triple-Telescoping Arms
  • 12,000-lb. lifting capacity
  • CE Approved and Certified. Meets or exceeds the standards prescribed by European Standard EN 1493
  • Open-top eliminates overhead obstruction
  • Single-piece columns
  • Single-point safety release
  • Drop-end arms provide a lower pad height
  • Dual direct-drive hydraulic cylinders
  • Oversized 53″ tall carriage for superior strength and durability
  • Large, 25″ x 22″ A36 steel base plate
  • Electric / hydraulic power system
  • Oversized A36 steel base plates
  • Self-lubricating dura-glide UHMW polyethylene bearing system
  • Safety locks in each column spaced every 3""
  • Plated arm restraints and arm pins for rust prevention
  • Heavy-duty 1/2″ aircraft-quality equalizer cables
  • Oversized 6″ cable sheave diameter reduces cable fatigue
  • 16-piece specialty adapter set includes four 6″ stackable adapters, four 3″ stackable adapters, four polyurethane contact pads and four frame cradle pads
  • Front and rear triple-telescoping arms provide increased range for lifting point access
  • Versatile drop-in contact pads with stackable adapters
Configuration Symmetric Floorplate
Adjustable Width No
Lifting Capacity 12,000 lbs. (5,443 kg)
Rise 69" (1,753 mm)
Rise + Pad 74" (1,880 mm)
Rise + Pad + Adapter 79" (2,007 mm)
Minimum Pad Height 5" (127 mm)
Time to Full Rise 55 seconds
Height Overall 144" (3,658 mm)
Width Overall 155" (3,937 mm)
Outside Columns 146" (3,708 mm)
Inside Columns 118" (2,997 mm)
Drive-Thru Clearance 103" (2,616 mm)
Floor to Overhead Switch N/A
Front Arm Reach (MIN) 39" (991 mm)
Front Arm Reach (MAX) 59" (1,499 mm)
Rear Arm Reach (MIN) 39" (991 mm)
Rear Arm Reach (MAX) 59" (1,499 mm)
Max Load per Arm 3,000 lbs. (1,361 kg)
Floorplate Height 2" (51 mm)
Floorplate Width 8.5" (216 mm)
Screw Pad Adjustment N/A
Power Unit 220 VAC / 60 Hz / 1 Ph
Shipping Dimensions 175" x 28" x 43"
Noise 45 dB