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18,000-lb. Capacity / Clearfloor / Standard Arms
Shops that work on massive fleets and vehicles need a powerful car lift with a small footprint. BendPak’s 18,000-lb. capacity XPR-18CL offers the most extraordinary lifting capacity of any two-post lift we make, which means you get the best column, carriage and frame component construction we offer.

The Beast with Two Posts

With an XPR-18CL two-post car lift, you will service an incredibly diverse array of vehicles. High-capacity two-post lifts are commonly known as ″all-service″ lifts. Given their versatility, they're the most common lift type found in professional shops. And, because they're going to be in so many shops, it's important that the XPR-18CL can lift any vehicle that falls well under the max weight capacity. This means the telescoping arms will adjust to fit under race cars and other low ground-clearance vehicles.

In addition to smaller cars and light trucks, it will also lift oversized equipment: trailers, farming equipment, commercial trucks, etc. The columns are built wide enough to accommodate just about any vehicle up to 18,000 lbs., making the XPR-18CL ideal for service shops that want to be prepared for the anything. The only way to get more lifting power from a BendPak lift is to move into four-post lift territory. However, for a smaller footprint, extreme power and majestic durability and safety, you can't do better than the BendPak XPR-18CL.

More Information
Model Description 18,000-lb. Capacity / Clearfloor / Standard Arms
  • 18,000-lb. lifting capacity
  • Padded overhead safety shutoff bar
  • Extended height top-beam provides greater overhead clearance
  • Single-point safety release
  • Dual direct-drive hydraulic cylinders
  • Dual-synchro equalization system for equal lifting
  • Oversized 53″ tall carriage for superior strength and durability
  • Electric / hydraulic power system
  • Oversized A36 steel base plates
  • Self-lubricating dura-glide UHMW polyethylene bearing system
  • Safety locks in each column spaced every 3""
  • Plated arm restraints and arm pins for rust prevention
  • Heavy-duty 1/2″ aircraft-quality equalizer cables
  • Oversized cable sheave diameter reduces cable fatigue
  • Durable, rubber lift pads with stackable adapters
  • Multi-piece adapter set includes four 6″ stackable adapters, four 3″ stackable adapters, four polyurethane contact pads and four frame cradle pads. Ideal for trucks and vans with running boards or auxiliary fuel tanks.
  • Convenient storage is included for truck and van adapters
  • Versatile drop-in contact pads with stackable adapters
Configuration Symmetric Clearfloor
Adjustable Width No
Lifting Capacity 18,000 lbs. (8,165 kg)
Rise 69" (1,753 mm)
Rise + Pad 74" (1,880 mm)
Rise + Pad + Adapter 80" (2,032 mm)
Minimum Pad Height 5" (127 mm)
Time to Full Rise 45 seconds
Height Overall 170" (4,318 mm)
Width Overall 155" (3,937 mm)
Outside Columns 144" (3,658 mm)
Inside Columns 120" (3,048 mm)
Drive-Thru Clearance 106" (2,692 mm)
Floor to Overhead Switch 165" (4,191 mm)
Front Arm Reach (MIN) 39" (991 mm)
Front Arm Reach (MAX) 60" (1,524 mm)
Rear Arm Reach (MIN) 39" (991 mm)
Rear Arm Reach (MAX) 60" (1,524 mm)
Max Load per Arm 4,500 lbs. (2,041 kg)
Floorplate Height N/A
Floorplate Width N/A
Screw Pad Adjustment N/A
Power Unit 220 VAC / 60 Hz / 1 Ph
Shipping Dimensions 175" x 29" x 44"
Noise 45 dB